Martin Speight

Reader in Zoology, Associate Professor of Agricultural & Forest Entomology

Tutorial Fellow in Biology, St Anne’s College


Research Interests

I am interested in tropical ecology & entomology and carry out research on various aspects of coral reef ecology, tropical marine reserve establishment and impacts, coastal zone ecology and management, tropical forest insect biodiversity and habitat change. Recent, current and planned projects include Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan, Seychelles, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Mozambique, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and Honduras. Particular topics include the epidemiology and ecology of coral diseases in the Caribbean, larval fish recruitment to mangroves and reefs in Mesoamerica, ontogenetic behaviour of fish in BVI, marine protected area (MPA) compliance with management goals in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, fish population ecology associated with MPAs in East Africa, ant communities in managed tropical forests in Western Kenya, insect biodiversity in Sudanese acacias, and tropical rainforest forest management and impacts on insect diversity in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah

Additional Information

I am an author of several student textbooks, including “Ecology of Insects : Concepts & Applications (second edition)”, written by Martin Speight, Mark Hunter & Allan Watt, (Wiley-Blackwell), "Marine Ecology" written by Martin Speight and Peter Henderson (also Wiley-Blackwell) and "Insect Pests in Tropical Forestry" (second edition) written by Ross Wylie and Martin Speight (CABI)






Selected Publications

  • Jaxion-Harm J., Pien C., Saunders J.E. and Speight M.R. (2013) Distribution of fish, crustacea and zooplankton at different distances from mangrove prop roots within a semi-isolated lagoon.  Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 93(6) : 1471-1479

  • Jaxion-Harm J., Saunders J. and Speight M.R. (2012) Distribution of fish in seagrass, mangroves and coral reefs : life-stage dependent habitat use in Honduras. Revista de Biologia Tropical 60(2) : 683-698

  • Hambler C., Henderson P.A. and Speight M.R. (2011) Extinction rates, extinction-prone habitats, and indicator groups in Britain and at larger scales. Biological Conservation 144(2) : 713-721

  • Tyler E.H., Manica A., Jiddawi N. and Speight M.R. (2011) A role for partially protected areas on coral reefs : maintaining fish diversity? Aquatic Conservation - Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 21(3) : 231-238

  • Shaw P., Ozanne C., Speight M.R. & Palmer I. (2007) Edge effects and arboreal collembola in coniferous forests. Pedobiology  51(4) : 287-293

  • Gratwicke B, Petrovic C, Speight MR (2006) Fish distribution and ontogenetic habitat preferences in non-estuarine lagoons and adjacent reefs. ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY OF FISHES 76 (2-4) : 191-210
  • Gratwicke B, Speight MR (2005) Effects of habitat complexity on Caribbean marine fish assemblages. Marine Ecology Progress Series 292 : 301-310

  • Hambler C, Henderson PA, Speight MR (2005) Elephants, ecology, and nonequilibrium? SCIENCE 307 (5710) : 673-674