E.J. Milner-Gulland

Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

Merton College


Research Interests

My research group works at the interface of social and ecological systems, using a range of methodological approaches to address key issues in current conservation, including fieldwork and modelling in the ecological, social and behavioural sciences. Our work has three themes; understanding resource user incentives, planning for effective and socially just conservation, accounting for social-ecological system dynamics. We work in the terrestrial and marine realms, with practitioners who are implementing interventions, to ensure that they are designed, carried out and monitored in a way that leads to the desired outcomes from both conservation and social justice perspectives.

Additional Information

My group is the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science. You can find out more about our work at our website, or follow us on twitter: @EJMilnerGulland @ICCS_updates



Email: ej.milner-gulland@zoo.ox.ac.uk



Selected Publications

  • Please see our website for a list of publications.