Sofia Gripenberg

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Research Fellow, Brasenose College


Research Interests

I am interested in interspecific interactions and their effects on population and community dynamics, individual behaviour, and evolution. My research is mainly focused on plant-insect interactions, but I have also worked on systems involving host-parasitoid and plant-pathogen interactions. My current main project addresses the role of internally feeding insect seed predators (‘seed parasitoids’) in maintaining tropical forest diversity and structuring tropical plant communities.






Selected Publications

  • Bagchi, R., Gallery, R. E., Gripenberg, S., Gurr, S. E., Narayan, L., Addis, C. E., Freckleton, R. P. & Lewis, O. T. (2014)  Fungal pathogens and insect herbivores modify rainforest plant diversity and composition. Nature, 506: 85-88.

  • Morris, R. J., Gripenberg, S., Lewis, O. T. & Roslin, T. (2014) Antagonistic interaction networks are structured independently of latitude and host guild. Ecology Letters, 17: 340-349.

  • Gripenberg, S., Bagchi, R., Gallery, R. E., Freckleton, R. P., Narayan, L. & Lewis, O. T. (2014) Testing for enemy-mediated density-dependence in the mortality of seedlings: Field experiments with five Neotropical tree species. Oikos, 123: 185-193.

  • Tack, A. J., Gripenberg, S. & Roslin, T. (2012). Cross-kingdom interactions matter: fungal-mediated interactions structure an insect community on oak. Ecology Letters 15: 177-185.

  • Gripenberg, S., Hamer, N., Brereton, T., Roy, D. B. & Lewis, O. T. (2011). A novel parasitoid and a declining butterfly: cause or coincidence? Ecological Entomology 36: 271-281.

  • Gripenberg, S., Mayhew, P. J., Parnell, M. & Roslin, T. (2010). A meta-analysis of host plant selection in phytophagous insects. Ecology Letters, 13: 383-393.

  • Gripenberg, S., Ovaskainen, O., Morriën, E. & Roslin, T. (2008). Spatial population structure of a specialist leaf-mining moth. Journal of Animal Ecology 77: 757-767.

  • Gripenberg, S. & Roslin, T. (2007). Up or down in space? Uniting the bottom-up versus top-down paradigm and spatial ecology. Oikos 116: 181-188.