Theresa Burt de Perera

Associate Professor of Zoology

Tutorial Fellow of St John’s College


Research Interests

My group's research is concerned with unraveling the behavioural mechanisms that underpin spatial cognition, those fundamental processes that allow animals to navigate effectively through their own habitats. We use theoretical and empirical approaches to study the senses that are used to obtain information on the local surroundings, and to explore how this information is learned, remembered and recalled to enable efficient navigation.

Additional Information

DPhil (PhD) opportunities






Selected Publications

  • Schumacher, S. Burt de Perera, T., Thenert, J. and von der Emde, G. 2016. Cross-modal object recognition and dynamic weighting of sensory inputs in a fish. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113, 7638- 7643.

  • Watts, I., Nagy, M., Biro, D. and Burt de Perera, T. Validating two-dimensional leadership models on three- dimensionally structured fish schools. Royal Society Open Science. In Press.

  • Holbrook, R and Burt de Perera T. 2013. Three-dimensional spatial cognition: freely swimming fish accurately learn and remember metric information in a volume. Animal Behaviour, 86, 1077-1083.

  •  Taylor, G.K., Holbrook, R.I. and Burt de Perera, T. 2010. Fractional rate of change of swim-bladder volume is reliably related to absolute depth during vertical displacements in teleost fish. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7, 1379-1382.