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Doctoral Awards Ceremony

A one-day symposium was held to celebrate Professor Kathy Willis receiving an Honorary Doctorate (Æresdoktor) from the University of Bergen. Over 50 colleagues from eight countries attended.

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Good Grief! Losing a friend brings wild birds closer together

New Oxford University research has revealed that instead of grieving, wild birds appear to adjust to the loss of a flockmate by increasing both the number and intensity of their relationships with other birds.

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Frisky female fruit flies become more aggressive after sex

Female fruit flies start headbutting each other after mating, becoming significantly more aggressive and intolerant Oxford University research has revealed.

Female fruit flies' levels of aggression soar after sex, when a variety of proteins, which flow freely in semen, stimulate dramatic behavioural and physiological changes in females. Other changes include increased ovulation, rejecting male advances and loss of interest in sex. Increased post coital levels of aggression may have wider in direct implications on female competition.

Grace Young named as Nat Geo Emerging Explorer

Zoology DPhil Candidate Grace C. Young named one of fourteen "world changers" in National Geographic Emerging Explorers announcement

Her thesis on 3D modelling coral reefs is supervised by Professor Alex Rogers, Dr. Victor Adrian Prisacariu, and Operation Wallacea.

Every year, National Geographic recognizes and supports uniquely gifted and inspiring scientists, conservationists, storytellers and innovators who are changing the world, known as our Emerging Explorers.

Birds choose their neighbours based on personality

Birds of a feather nest together, according to a new study which has found that male great tits (Parus major) choose neighbours with similar personalities to their own.

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