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Grace Young named as Nat Geo Emerging Explorer

Zoology DPhil Candidate Grace C. Young named one of fourteen "world changers" in National Geographic Emerging Explorers announcement

Her thesis on 3D modelling coral reefs is supervised by Professor Alex Rogers, Dr. Victor Adrian Prisacariu, and Operation Wallacea.

Every year, National Geographic recognizes and supports uniquely gifted and inspiring scientists, conservationists, storytellers and innovators who are changing the world, known as our Emerging Explorers.

Birds choose their neighbours based on personality

Birds of a feather nest together, according to a new study which has found that male great tits (Parus major) choose neighbours with similar personalities to their own.

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African lions face same threats as extinct Ice Age ancestors

The extinction trends that caused the demise of several Ice Age species, including many of the sabre-toothed family, may be a threat to wildlife today and particularly to the African lion, a new Oxford University research collaboration has revealed.

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World Penguin Day 2017: ‘people power’ and robotics

With one of the biggest fan-clubs in the animal kingdom, penguins are undeniably cute. From Pingu to Happy Feet and the countless wildlife documentaries centred around them, they continue to capture the public’s imagination. Despite their enduring popularity though, the knock- on effects of climate change and over-fishing have sent species numbers into decline.

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Wildlife summit gives reasons to be cheerful about conservation

An international wildlife event, organised by the University of Oxford and partners, has highlighted the wide progress being made in conservation.

During a two-day run, more than 250 people attended the Conservation Optimism Summit in London, highlighting environmental success stories from around the world. Hundreds more attended the linked public event at ZSL London Zoo on Earth Day, as well as sister events in cities around the world, including Washington, Cambridge, Hong Kong and Colombia.